Thaba Lesodi

Welcome to Thaba Lesodi (just under 9000 acres), owned by Tom Fraser Investments, this property has unparalleled environmental qualities.

The Fraser family have been passionately involved in non-commercial game ranching since 1985 when Tom and Annalie Fraser bought their first game ranch. Their three children were then 6, 13 and 15 years old. This early exposure to nature, the preservation of biodiversity cultivated a love for wildlife conservation and game ranching in all the family’s souls.

The family, continued to breed game animals on another family game ranch – Klein Kunkura (“Kunkura” is the Sotho name for a Roan Antelope) – which they had purchased in 1998.

In 2016 the Family purchased, a gem of a game ranch property in the Waterberg area called THABA LESODI

This property has been described as “the most scenic and biologically diverse land holding in the Waterberg Mountains”. The Fraser family call it “paradise”.

Today Thaba Lesodi boasts a wealth of wildlife – unique scenery, a wide variety of wild plants and bird species. Its game animals include over 20 species including free roaming Buffalo and Leopard.

Thaba Lesodi caters for a broad range of visitors: hunters, wildlife photographer’s and wildlife enthusiasts of many kinds.  It offers, above all else, the peace and tranquillity of the beautiful Waterberg Mountains.

We are family-friendly, your spouses and children are more than welcome to join you on what we are sure you will discover to be an unforgettable safari adventure.

Please refer to our bookings section on our website for any inquiries and bookings.

Greetings from the beautiful Waterberg Mountains, Limpopo Province, South Africa.

The Thaba Lesodi Team